St Helens Ape Canyon Hike

Mt St Helens Ape Canyon Hike Plains of Abraham Washington
I am confused about the elevation gain for this hike as my altimeter often gave faulty reading on this trail. I believe the net elevation gain should be around 1000-1200 ft, however the cumulative gain could be in excess of 1600 ft. At around 5 miles into the hike, you reach the Loowit trail junction and the trail continues in both directions (left and right) to possibly circle the mountain upto Windy Ridge (to the right).
Mt St Helens Ape Canyon Hike Plains of Abraham Washington
Mt Adams upclose from the Ape Canyon. It takes around 90-120 mins (times may vary) to cover the distance. I won’t recommend this as a day hike, only if you want a decent trail to mountain bike.
Mt St Helens Ape Canyon Hike Plains of Abraham Washington

Ross Dam Hike

ross dam lake north cascades national park washington colonial peak pyramid peak hike trail trek ross lake resort postcard
The short hike starts from milepost 134 on highway 20 and descends around 500 ft of elevation in 1.5 miles. The trail is well maintained and should  take no more than 30 mins for an average hiker (times may vary). Recommended season is early thru late summer. The Ross Dam offers yet another short hike to the Ross Lake Resort which can be seen at a distance from the dam and the Ross Lake Resort ferry launch.
colonial peak pyramid peak closeup north cascades national park ross lake dam hike trail trek washington postcard
Colonial Peak and Pyramid Peak stand out across the range from Ross Dam.
ross lake resort ferry launch ross dam hike trail trek washington north cascades national park glacial lake postcard

Diablo Lake North Cascades

Diablo Lake Washington North Cascades National Park Ross Lake Overlook
Few things are better left unsaid… especially when you know there is every chance to go overboard and make it verbose. All I can say is if you live in the northwest, you may want to make every effort possible to visit this place before you head to a distant place in your nomadic life, this beauty called North Cascades National Park.
diablo lake overlook ross lake north cascades national park washington glacial lake colonial peak pyramid peak postcard
The Colonial Peak, Pyramid Peak and Davis Peak fill the background in this almost perfect picture.
colonial peak pyramid peak diablo lake ross lake north cascades national park washington glacial lake postcard
The area offers many hikes, and I ‘d like to have some favorites but the one I highly recommend is a short hike to the Ross Dam which shall be covered in my next post.
diablo lake ross lake national park north cascades washington colonial creek campground glacial lake postcard
Close to the Colonial Creek campground. Absolutely beautiful… The science behind the green waters can be better summarized as glacial sediments but is best googled.

Mt St Helens Hike

st helens hike crater ridge rim monitor fumes volcano spirit lake mt rainier ash washington postcard
The perfect end to a perfect hiking season – St Helens. A strenuously rewarding hike which gets extremely demanding in places, especially climbing and traversing boulders through the mid section and if that is not enough the last one mile is just loose gravel and ash. You gain an elevation of roughly 4600 feet in around 4.5 miles and takes around 240-300 mins for a motivated hiker (times may vary).
st helens summit crater ridge rim monitor washington volcano postcard
Warning: Carry plenty of water as there aren’t any sources of potable water on the mountain, next to none. The only running streams are available halfway through the mid section (that also if you are lucky and hiking in the right season i.e. when the glaciers melt) but these may carry loads of ash.
st helens spirit lake crater ridge rim washington mt rainier hike monitor postcard
The gorgeous view… beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…
st helens panorama crater ridge rim fumes monitor spirit lake mt rainier mt adams volcano washington ash view hike postcard

Silver Star Mountain Hike

Gorgeous views atop the mountain but you have to traverse through some of the most demanding patches at the start and midway through the hike. It offers an elevation gain of around 2100 feet in 3 miles and takes around 120-150 minutes for the average hiker (times may vary). The trail gets nasty in places (very rocky) and gravel and is partly responsible for the longer duration during ascend and descend.

Mt Hood at a distance…
mt hood silver star mountain washington oregon postcard
Mt Adams is one of the mountains visible from the summit on a clear day…
silver star mountain mt adams mt rainier st helens mt hood view trail hike washington postcard


Dog Mountain Hike

One of the more strenuous hikes for the average hiker, but you gotta earn the breeze and views at the top of the mountain. You gain an elevation of 2800 feet in around 3.8 miles and may well take you more than 120 mins to reach the summit (times may vary). Be sure to carry enough water on a hot day but I personally recommend May/June for the best scenery (wildflowers). These pictures were taken in July.

A lovely hike…

Just got lovelier…


2018 Update: 
dog mountain columbia river gorge washington oregon trail hike trek postcard
dog mountain columbia river gorge washington oregon trail hike trek postcard