Silver South Falls Hike

Over the years I cannot count the number of times I have had to take people to experience the majesty of these falls. What makes the trip worth the investment is the fact that you get to walk behind some of the falls, South falls (pictured) being my favorite. Recommended season is spring (on a not so rainy day).

Multnomah Falls Hike

One of the more popular attractions near Portland, Oregon offers a lot more than just a┬ámagnificent view of the falls. There is a 1.3 miles hike to the viewpoint at the top of the falls gaining around 700 feet in 45 mins for an average hiker (times may vary). But I wouldn’t necessarily recommend as the views from the top aren’t so great, unless you have time to kill. Recommended season is either fall or spring.
multnomah falls closeup portland oregon columbia gorge i84 postcard

Angels Rest Hike

A perfect location to start some serious hiking season near Portland, Oregon. Though the trail is open year round, I highly recommend months of April-May for a nice green backdrop. The hike gains around 1400 feet in 2.4 miles and takes around 60 mins for an average hiker on a perfect day (times may vary).

Westward from Angels Rest up close…

Crater Lake National Park oregon

I have been to Crater Lake National Park twice, once at the peak end of summer and once at the start and can comfortably recommend you to visit at the start of the tourist season (last week of May). Any place doesn’t get prettier, unless of course it isn’t to your liking… but you have to be lucky enough to get clear skies.

Some of the most spectacular scenery…

And the Wizard Island…