Munra Point Hike

munra point hike panorama columbia gorge exit 35 elowah fallsOne of the more exciting day hikes close to Portland (other is Elk Mountain on OR 6), Munra Point hike is no walk in the park. The trail gains an elevation of around 1800-2000 ft in a little more than a mile. Average times (times may vary) hover around 2 hrs to the summit, extra time needed to carefully hike down the mountain. The hike begins at around 1.5-2 miles from the John B Yeon trail head. Take the CG bicycle path all the way up to Moffet Creek and turn right on to a narrow trail past signs to Trail # 400. At around 50 feet through the sign board, take the narrow steep trail to your right. The hike is a near scramble with a lot of exposure. Do not attempt should you fear your way down the mountain.munra point hike panorama columbia gorge exit 35 elowah falls trail no 400The narrow chimney that leads to the summit is a 15 ft scramble to the top. Stay safe!


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